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The PhilSHIFT Research Group (PhilSHIFT) has been working in the Philippines since 2009 to conduct studies on the effect of shift work on health, particularly on the call center workforce. It is an interdisciplinary group of researchers which started with a team primarily from the University of the Philippines Manila (UP Manila) and the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich (LMU). PhilSHIFT brings together researchers from the Philippine Health Sciences Center and a European university known for its pioneering work on the circadian (biological) clock and shift work. 
PhilSHIFT is currently on the first phase of its project, the formation of a database of Filipino chronotypes, where non-shift working Filipinos are enjoined to participate in a survey using the Philippine Munich Chronotype Questionnaire (PhilMCTQ) accessible at More than 1,000 Filipinos have participated in this survey as of June 2011. PhilSHIFT is in productive discussion with industry representatives for the second project phase, aiming for collaborative implementation of field studies about call center workers. 
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