What is theWeP?

Biological research is – above all – for understanding how we (humans) live, stay healthy, or become ill and are healed. Usually, this involves highly controlled laboratory experiments, under artificial conditions, and using non-human subjects. We, therefore, know quite a bit about the functioning of our body but there are remarkably many ''black boxes'' remaining concerning the human species and it' s biology.

One approach to correct this deficit is field research that describes and characterises human behaviour on a large scale. Despite the perception that human individuality resists characterisation, most behaviours will show a normal distribution amongst a population. Indeed, based on our decade-long experiment in studying human behaviour on the level of populations, we believe that humans – in real life – make excellent subjects for scientific studies. Perhaps the key is simply to ask the right questions in order to understand typical human behaviours.

theWeP seeks to extend our insights concerning all aspects of human behaviour in the real world. WeP is an acronym for ''Worldwide experimental Platform'', a tool that takes research on human behaviour to the digital age, extending around the globe and into different cultures. The first stage projects on the WeP will use internet based questionnaires to document typical, human behaviour.


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