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How and why does the biological clock tick? We all know that individuals show distinct preferences for various activities over the course of a day. A simple example is the time at which an individual prefers to go to bed and to get up. With the help of this questionnaire, we aim to understand the underlying complexity of the biological clock and individual differences in the biological clock, as shown in everyday behaviour. Once your questionnaire has been submitted, an automatic evaluation of your CHRONOTYPE (your personal profile) will be sent to you via email. You will see how your results compare to the ones of more than 50,000 other individuals that have so far filled out the questionnaire. After submission of your questionnaire, you will also be provided with a link to relevant literature. If you are interested in this feedback, make sure to provide a correct email address.

For shift-workers and children we have special questionnaires:

Questionnaire for Shiftworkers (English)
Questionnaire for children & pupils (English)
deu_flag.gif Fragebogen für Schichtarbeiter (Deutsch)
Fragebogen für Kinder & Schüler (Deutsch)
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We investigate the interrelation between Chronotype and Diabetes
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